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Studio visit: Morgan Doyle

Morgan's studio

Morgan’s studio

We met Morgan at his remarkable studio just off Kings Road in Chelsea to see how a private client’s commission was progressing. We spent a fantastic hour or so looking through a treasure trove of beautiful prints and paintings – some works in progress, others framed, sold and waiting for collection. The studio visit was topped off by visiting the Chelsea Arts Club with Morgan providing us with a personal tour of the impressive members artwork.


Studio visit: Lara Harwood


Prints in Lara’s studio

We visited the Chocolate Factory and combined a print collection with a studio visit to see Lara Harwood. It was great to see Lara’s works in progress, sketchbooks and completed works framed on the wall all making it a very colourful and beautiful space to be in!


Exhibition: Marc Quinn “The Toxic Sublime”


Marc Quinn “The Toxic Sublime” Exhibition – White Cube, Bermondsey, London

Marc Quinn’s first exhibition at the White Cube since 2010 includes two new bodies of work, the results of a two-year investigation into our complex relationship with the environment. The Toxic Sublime half of the exhibition are Quinn’s beautiful wall-based seascapes which blur the boundaries between painting and sculpture. But what really stole the show for me were his sculptural “Frozen Waves” including one measuring an impressive 7m long. These shapes originate from the remnants of shells, eroded by the endless action of waves. Quinn uses the latest three-dimensional technologies to reproduce these shells at varying sizes; casting them in both stainless steel and concrete. The scale and reflective nature of the sculptures tied in the colourful wall-based paintings, although I still couldn’t shake the feeling that they were just the support act to what was a minimal yet intriguing sculpture exhibition.


Exhibition: Savage Beauty


‘Savage Beauty’ a homage to the late Alexander McQueen at the Victoria & Albert museum is a visual treat. The “cabinet of curiosities” is spectacular and could have you spinning, pointing and ooohhing and ahhhing for hours (minus the thousands of people that are hustling and bustling you) and for me was at the heart of the exhibition. The fierce feathers, tottering “armadillo” shoes and the reproduction of model Shalom Harlow being sprayed with paint by robots all tell the story of McQueen’s creativity. It is a fantastic collection and coupled with the inserts of videos of the unforgettable shows themselves makes the double-height room the epicentre of what this exhibition, and McQueen’s legacy, stand for.

Yet, in spite of enjoying every moment, from the Kate Moss hologram – turning her from vapour to reality and back again – to the digitally realised backdrop of McQueen’s final Atlantis show in 2010, before his suicide I found it all very sad. I left the V&A feeling exhilarated by what I had seen, amazed by what I had learnt but sorrowful that someone with so much passion, talent and creativity could be tormented by so much self doubt.

Exhibition: Andy Warhol “I’m OK”


Like visiting old friends

Andy Warhol “I’m OK” Exhibition – The Gallery of Art Prague, Prague

Opened 13 June 2015

Whilst in Prague over the summer we took a break from the searing sun to enjoy this small yet pleasantly surprising retrospective of Andy Warhol pieces. The works on show ranged from the more commonly known classical works like Mao, Marilyn Monroe and Campbell’s Soups to the more surprising collection of 40 unique LP covers that Andy Warhol designed between 1949 – 1987, all published as a book in 2008 by Paul Maréchal.

The LP collection was a welcome addition to the exhibition that otherwise would have felt like I was visiting old friends abroad.

Studio visit: Sophie Smallhorn

Sophie's studio space

Sophie’s studio space

We met Sophie Smallhorn at her studio when we went to collect three prints that we recently sold for an exciting corporate project we are working on in the city. Have a look in our case studies to see these installed!

Studio visit: Lucie Winterson

Combining two of our favourite things – amazing French pastries and art! Today we had a great meeting with photographer/artist Lucie Winterson at the famous Maison Bertaux on Greek Street. It was a lovely afternoon and fascinating to hear about Lucie’s process of making her work. Lucie’s digital sketches have an amazing ephemeral quality capturing moments in time through photography she then layers them on top of each other to create beautiful landscape series’. Here is a little peek at some samples of her recent work she shared with us.


Studio visit: Ian Tricker


We had a great day in Oxford over the summer and popped in to visit Ian Tricker at his studio. It was great to see “Uruk I” triptych (pictured) that he made for the Xerxes Sculpture Prize, which was exhibited at The Serpentine Gallery in May. Ian was runner up at The Xerxes Sculpture Prize and shortlisted for the 2014 Signature Art Prize. Ian was also selected as one of the Bloomberg New Contemporaries in 2014, an extremely well received exhibition highlighting his prominence amongst his contemporaries.

Exhibition: Jo Beattie & Mark Beattie – “Mother and Son Exhibition”

Jo Beattie - Playground

Jo Beattie – Playground

The 8th Edition of The Other Art Fair in April 2015 was the first time Jo Beattie and Mark Beattie exhibited their artwork together. After Jo saw her son Mark exhibit at the 3rd Edition of TOAF in November 2012 she saw the great opportunities that emerging and unrepresented artists were exposed to thanks to the Fair.

Here’s what Jo said of her experience at the Fair in April, “It was one of the best experiences of my life exhibiting alongside my son for the first time at TOAF this Spring. Mark encouraged me to apply in my own right this year after he had exhibited a couple of years ago. I had never exhibited in a London Art show before and I wondered how my textiles art would be reviewed in the art world. To my great surprise it seemed to be well received and all the people I met were so supportive and encouraging, it was a great experience.”

Mark Beattie - Neon Orb

Mark Beattie – Neon Orb

The pair have always been creative and Mark tells us they used to have ‘art club’ on a Friday night, “Dad would take my Brother to Karate and my Mum and I would sit in front of the TV painting or drawing. I have always been inspired by her creative energy.”

Jo and Mark were given an additional exhibition wall at the Fair that they decided to share and co-curate. The stand was shortlisted for the “Best Booth” Award by Be Smart About Art and they were pleasantly surprised by how their work complemented one another. “The install on Thursday was pretty intense, setting up not just our own stands but also the joint wall. It was a fantastic experience to exhibit alongside Mum at TOAF; I was so proud of her for putting her work out there – it was an important breakthrough exhibition for her to show her textile work in a ‘fine art’ environment in London.”

Both artists had a hugely successful Art Fair and opportunities are still rolling in. Jo and Mark are now working towards forthcoming exhibitions and creating new and exciting works. You can check out more of their work here:

Jo Beattie
Twitter: @JoBeattie_Art

Mark Beattie
Twitter: @MarkBeattie_Art

Studio visit: Rachel Schwalm


It was great to meet Rachel at her studio in Willesden and look at her beautiful wall-based sculptures. We’ve admired Rachel’s work for years seeing it at many prestigious art fairs and exhibitions throughout London but it was lovely to finally meet the artist herself and hear her talk about her various experiments with materials for new works and what she takes inspiration from. It was a fantastic insight into what is next to come from her – we personally can’t wait to see this!

Whilst we were at the Great Western Studio’s visiting Rachel we took the opportunity to visit sculptor Paul Vanstone. Well it was hard not to be drawn in to explore his sculptures as they flank the entrance and drive! Despite the rain Paul was busy working on a number of large-scale commissions when he kindly offered to show us around his work – emerging from a field of giant figures and marble faces and covered head to toe in dust Paul welcomed us in. It was fascinating to hear him talk about the different types of stone he uses, the different processes as well as hearing about the various projects he’s working on.

All in all a wonderful rainy April afternoon well spent!

The Other Art Fair

The Other Art Fairs’ 6th edition was a rip-roaring success; with over 10,000 guests and sales reaching almost £200,000 it difficult see how another artist fair can rival this one. TOAF has a winning formula and with a small but dedicated team behind the scenes it’s clear this fair is ready to explode; if anything after 6 editions it now appears restricted only by the spaces it’s currently confined to.

Although the talent on show is mixed, there’s certainly something to cater to everyone’s taste. Each year there are always a number of artists whose work stays with you and this time I’ve decided to compile a top 5 TOAF list.

Damilola Odusota
Although Damilola’s work debuted at the 5th edition of TOAF this time he was back with a vengeance; his space covered in incredible intricate and sometimes humorous pen and ink drawings. Damilola’s work was competitively priced ranging from £150 to a few thousand for larger works; his centerpiece a 3D printed Nike Air Force 1 sneaker that was made in collaboration with Modla, which was certainly stirring up a lot of attention. Damilola is our top artist of TOAF 6th Edition; we think he has a lot of potential, both with his technical drawing skills and creative mind we’re looking forward to see what he does next.

Rachel Ann Stevenson

Rachel’s work will not appeal to everyone (especially not the squeamish) but for me it offered something different, challenging and quite refreshing alongside all the painting, prints and photography that I’ve come to expect from TOAF. The characters from a dark world force you to stop and consider the work, quite effective especially when exhibiting alongside another 100 artists. My personal favourite was Little Lives Dream – a small white mouse dreaming on a red velvet cushion with gold lining underneath a burning lamp. In an edition of 101 and priced at £300 we believe Rachel’s work would appeal to those with a more eccentric style and perhaps not suitable as a centerpiece for your dining table!

Daniele Davitti
There was no missing Daniele on the night! Dressed in an immaculate black and white patterned suit he appeared as one of his ink works, jumping from the paper. Daniele combines his Japanese style (adopted after studying out there) and his Italian artist background to create these remarkable paper and canvas based drawings, often using a mixture of materials including red wine! I’m sure Daniele becomes tired of answering the same Tim Burton-based questions and yet looking past the obvious similarities Daniele’s work has a charm of its’ own, possibly stemming from the Japanese influences and softer tones used in a number of the backgrounds.

Roy’s People
We love Roy! We first saw Roy’s People at TOAF 5th Edition back in October 2013 at the Old Truman Brewery, since then he’s had a solo show with Curious Duke Gallery and we’ve seen him at the Affordable Art Fair Hampstead. Roy’s work always makes me smile and we were pleased to see him doing so well on the Private View evening! Offering photographs from as little as £95 and sculptures from £195 Roy’s work is affordable and adorable which means everything sells like hot cakes so if you see and you like it – BUY IT!!

Catherine Mackay Purves
It was the materials and textures that first attracted us to Catherine’s work; the patterned piercing of metal panels and the layers of paint applied, then removed and applied again. Catherine’s occasional use of sharp contrasting colours draws the viewers eye in a certain direction; she plays with scale, movement and colour and when these work together the results are quite beautiful. Substantial, one off works at around £1,200 could be the perfect answer to that blank space in your home or office.

So with the 6th edition of TOAF coming to a close it’s clear the fair has been another success! Although the opening hour of the Private View was over shadowed by a frenzy surrounding the Tracey Emin sales desk, the fair got back on track to do what it does best – provide a platform for artists to show and sell work to gallerists, curators, critics and collectors.

Exhibition: Jean Paul Gautier


In the first major exhibition devoted to celebrated French couturier, the Barbican has brought to life the work of Jean Paul Gautier inviting visitors to explore the iconic JPG fashion world.

Having been lucky enough to have been invited to the opening night of this exhibition I was truly intrigued to see how the curators would bring to life the avant-garde fashion creations and cutting edge designs of Gautier while remaining true to his personality and iconic status – and for me the exhibition did not disappoint. Catwalks take centre stage but the rooms around the two floors are packed with photographs, garments and mannequins dressed in pieces from different eras of his career. The catwalk figures parade in front of fascinating characters all unique with animated expressions and movements, with some even talking, which caught me off guard many times. The theatrically staged displays immerse you in his fashion world, bringing together more than 165 cutting edge couture and ready-to-wear garments including iconic costumes for film and performance from the early 1970s to today.

Gaultier’s rich collaborations with renowned artists and photographers is also very much present in the show, which include Miles Aldridge, David LaChapelle, Pierre et Gilles, Peter Lindbergh, Herb Ritts, Stéphane Sednaoui, Cindy Sherman and Andy Warhol. The inclusion of the iconic photography shown together with footage of catwalk presentations, concerts, music videos, films and dance performances for me highlighted the breadth of his career and how his influence has been felt outside of the world of fashion. It is a truly unique and well presented exhibition and I would recommend to all fashion and photography enthusiasts.


Studio visit: Stuart Redler

Stuart's studio

Stuart’s studio

Stuart Redler was our first studio visit and what a great place to start! We met at Stuarts’ beautiful home studio in Twickenham to collect 10 of his prints for a corporate client we were working for. Stuart was kind enough to show us round his high-tech printing and processing studio; letting us have a brief insight/ snapshot of what it’s like to be a professional photographer. Check out our corporate Case Studies to see these amazing works in situ.